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09/01/14 - Suspicious Item Checked by Explosives Unit

Warrenton, OR – On September 1, 2014 at 8:56am a citizen reported a suspicious item underneath a vehicle belonging to the Northwest Oregon Housing Authority located at 147 S. Main Ave. WPD Reserve Officer Jeff Rusiecki responded and found a small tool or tackle boxed had been placed under the vehicle and was definitely out of place. Reserve Officer Rusiecki called for assistance and Chief Mathew Workman arrived. The decision was made to secure the area and call for assistance from the OSP Explosives Unit out of Salem. Warrenton Fire Department and Medix ambulance personnel were activated and staged at City Hall.

The alley behind the Northwest Oregon Housing Authority was blocked off and remained closed for the next four hours. Chief Workman took photos of the box and sent them via text message to the OSP Explosives Unit personnel who were responding. The Northwest Oregon Housing Authority property manager then arrived to assist with the incident. Once OSP Explosives Unit personnel arrived they conducted an investigation and eventually took an x-ray of the box determining it was not a danger. OSP Explosives Unit personnel opened the box and found only tools and miscellaneous items. The alley was then opened to traffic.

Later in the afternoon while investigating another incident Chief Workman was able to determine the tool box was stolen from a boat parked in the driveway of a residence on Alder Ave. a couple blocks away from the housing authority. The box was later returned to the owner.

The Warrenton Police Department continues to investigate the theft and asks that if anyone saw anything or anyone suspicious on Alder Ave. or the alley behind the Northwest Oregon Housing Authority Friday morning the 29th or this morning (1st) to call the Warrenton Police Department.

We also ask that if you have items taken or believe someone has been in your vehicle or property to report that as well. We often come into contact with people who have various items in their possession that may have been stolen or can later link them to a crime. If the thefts are not reported we will never know they were in possession of stolen property.


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