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11/18/13 - City Committee Vacancies

The CITY OF WARRENTON is seeking interested persons to apply for vacancies on the City’s various committees. We have vacancies on the following boards:

Warrenton Budget Committee - 1 position (3 year term)
Warrenton Community Center Board - 1 position (4 year term)
Warrenton Parks Advisory Board - 2 positions (3 year term)
Warrenton Urban Renewal Advisory Committee - 2 positions (2 year term)

This is an excellent opportunity to participate in the important decisions affecting your community.

For more information and appointment qualifications go to the City’s website at (click on Citizen Involvement on the left-hand side of the page).

If you need additional information, contact City Recorder Linda Engbretson at 503/ 861-0823 or via email: